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Flags with a Purpose: More than just Decorative Signs

How is the American Flag a Symbol of Unity?

The American Flag represents the ideals of the American people. The United States of America was founded on the principles of freedom and equality for all its citizens. This does not mean that America has always lived up to that standard and there have been many times where we strayed from our ideals.

What is the Purpose of an Ideal and a Symbol?

Symbols hold immense power. A symbol represents something much greater than itself in order to help a person hold to a value or reminder. The symbol of the American Flag is incredibly important not because of how it looks or who made it but because of the ideals, it represents. The values of equality, justice, and freedom and the symbol that represents them, the American Flag are too important to let fade away. The flag and the values it represents cannot be allowed to fade. The American Flag when viewed in the right way has the power to be a symbol of these ideals. A symbol that doesn't divide us in times of difficulty but a symbol of ideals that we can rally around in times of difficulty.

So, Why was Long Island Flags founded?

Long Island Flags was founded with one goal in mind; to help restore a symbol of unity to its proper place in order to provide people with a reminder and a representation of the values that we cannot afford to forget.