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Our Why

Flags with a Purpose: Long Island Flags exists to help restore the American flag as a symbol of unity in order to provide people with a reminder and a representation of the foundational values that we cannot afford to forget.

How is the American Flag a Symbol of Unity?

The American Flag represents the ideals of the American people. The United States of America was founded on the principles of freedom and equality for all its citizens. This does not mean that America has always lived up to that standard. There have been many times when we strayed from our ideals. We need to see these ideals as the goals we set for ourselves at the founding of our nation, symbolized now in the American Flag. The flag is our reminder, our beacon, our hope. It is something that we should rally around, not something that should tear us apart.

What is the Purpose of an Ideal and a Symbol?

Symbols hold immense power. A symbol is a representation of a value, goal, or ideal and the symbol of the American Flag is incredibly important not because of how it looks or who made it but because of the ideals it represents. If we see the American Flag in the correct light we find a powerful symbol that can hold us to virtuous ideals. The values of equality, justice, and freedom and the symbol that represents them, the American Flag, are too important to let fade away in our minds.

If we can begin to look at the flag, not as a symbol of all the wrongs America has done, not as a symbol of the shortcomings of a current government, not as an inanimate object that waves on flag poles, but rather as a timeless symbol that represents the standard we set for ourselves, morally and ethically, we will be doing a great service to ourselves and to the communities we are a part of. The American Flag viewed in this way doesn't divide us in times of difficulty. Rather it becomes the hope and standard that we rally around. It is the beacon that we strive towards, not the embodiment of all our failures.

So, Why was Long Island Flags founded?

Long Island Flags was founded with one goal in mind; to help restore a symbol of unity to its proper place in order to provide people with a reminder and a representation of the values that we cannot afford to forget.

Is Long Island Flags affiliated with any political party?

Long Island Flags is not affiliated with any specific political party. The message of hope and unity that we are trying to spread is one that is for all Americans regardless of political affiliation. Long Island Flags does receive communications sometimes from news stations. Decisions to work with news organizations are decided solely on reaching people with our message not on picking specific news stations with specific political opinions.

Our Why: The Story
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