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        I am 18 years old and I started Long Island Flags in the midst of a pandemic and political turmoil. I truly believe the American Flag is one of the greatest symbols in our country. It represents the American ideals of freedom and justice for all its citizens. It represents resilience and valor. It represents what we strive towards but most of all it represents the United States of America.

      I created Long Island Flags in order to provide people with Handcrafted American Flags with which they could display the core values that we strive towards in this country. Each flag is so much more than decoration. They are symbols. Whether we stray from these ideals or strive towards them, the symbolism of the American Flag never changes and should never be forgotten. This simple but profound image should always remind us all that we share in a common bond and common unity.

      I believe the American Flag is one of the only symbols that can collectively display America as a whole. It shows us that whether we agree or disagree politically we all share fundamental beliefs which serve as the necessary base for our public discourse and way of life. We cannot take these ideals for granted. They are not inherently pursued. These values need to be diligently pursued through unity of ideals, even if we do not have unity on how to get there. 

-Bobby Reuter

Founder of Long Island Flags

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